Pre FA Cup + Wilkinson interview

While we are unfortunately not participating in the cup today this weekend, we do go in safe in the knowledge that our boys are currently having a fantastic experience in the capricious conditions that Dubai has to offer. I’m sure the players will all have gathered themselves around the local telly, and are vainly hoping that Hartlepool can achieve some cup success which could win them a very minor victory over their unforgivingly mocking mates. I personally will be tuning into the Tottenham game for reasons stated yesterday. For me, it will put a more favourable gloss on a few of the previously despised players for Man Utd, who i will be relying upon to inflict severe damage to the opposition. I would assume Paul Scholes if he plays will gladly take that mantle with his trademark over-determined slide tackles. Perhaps Rooney could ruin the opposing goalkeeper’s confidence in our favour by shouting at him? Maybe Ronaldo could help get someone sent off in his usual fashion ultimately for our benefit?

Maybe this is all a little too overambitious, and the game won’t be sent into extra time and noone gets injured or sent off, and we realise our immense hopes would (if transpired) not be of much significance when it comes to our Premier League clash on Wednesday. What it clearly shows though is that we have so much more focus towards that game. Perhaps getting sent out early in the FA Cup will inevitably work out in our favour? An unfocused team leads to a careless attitude towards the match in every way possible, from rousing themselves out of bed in the morning to putting in the effort required for a result.

That’s enough of the FA Cup now, we are after all absent from it. The fact that a large percentage of this blog concerns it probably says a lot for the news that’s presently coming out of the Britannia.

Hull indeed have managed to sign Jimmy Bullard. This really is quite annoying. I hate admiring players when they’re not at your club, especially when they very much deserve that admiration. There’s really not many players of other clubs i particularly like in the Premier League, i usually make my judgements based upon how much of a part they had to play when beating Stoke. I was actually beginning to respect and admire the play of Frank Lampard until he scored that sickening winner against us, now i hate his obese guts. I hope Bullard doesn’t tarnish his good name by doing the same. 

Wilkinson has been pretty truthful about the quality of this training camp he finds himself trapped in. Whilst not completely comparing it to a concentration camp, he said that the weather veered from the wet and chilly to the boiling hot. What completely rubbish weather that must be concerning clothing above all matters. I bet Pulis would hardly have been able to conduct any meaningful training sessions without several players running off in the direction of the hotel having to change into a pair of shorts. The positive he indicated about the experience is that he’s been able to forget about the Chelsea defeat. It really isn’t necessary to travel as far as Dubai for this to happen when alcahol exists commonly throughout the UK. In fact, after the game, Pulis should really have told the players to get absolutely wasted which would have produced an identical effect.

Wilkinson also talked about his season so far. I see him as a fantastic talent. He’s still pretty young and can really develop into a top defender. Also, as i read more of that interview on, it has suddenly occured to me that he has forthwith become one of my very favourite players. This has emerged with his ingenius comment about Cristiano Ronaldo. When asked about his monumentally satisfying challenge on Ronaldo which made him see red, he said:

“It’s a shame because he’s such a good player. He spoils himself by being a bit of a fanny really.”

= Brilliant!

It’s about time somebody of relative football importance and involvement seriously slagged him off. And it is so true. There is possibly no more suitable term in the English language in which to describe him than simply-  ‘fanny’.  It just sums up all aspects of the boy. Wilkinson embodies all that a proper footballer should be.


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