If Hull can get him, i’m sure we can too

Hull city look like they’re on the cusp of a transfer that would see babyhaired assassin Jimmy Bullard heading to the KC. Now Hull have indeed had an impressive season so far, there are however no big a football club as us. We seem to possess more funds also, as Pulis has indicated. We would benefit hugely if we managed to divert him to Stoke on Trent. If there’s any player you would want to help you escape from a relegation dogfight, taking into account mental as well as physical attributes, it would have to be Jimmy Bullard.

Pansies Al Khaleej FC have unanimously agreed to call off our impending friendly, citing fears of incredible nervousness in anticipation of a certain humbling. Somewhat humorously (depending on the importance you place upon training camps like this) this trip to Dubai has been what can only be described as an utter disaster. I’m sure Pulis and the players will have that very same feeling on the plane journey home. This friendly would have been beneficial for Lawrence’s and Fuller’s fitness, they would have been desperate to play that game. Instead, their built up aggression and disappointment will have to be unleashed in all its glory against Tottenham next week. This can either be a good or bad thing. Either Fuller gets sent off in the 5th minute for a reckless challenge on Defoe, or Fuller gets sent off in the 5th minute for a reckless challenge on Defoe who ends up breaking his leg.

It’s brilliant to have Fuller back in the mix now, and i am positive that we’ll get a result in that Tottenham game. That game is next Wednesday however. This weekend is FA Cup weekend. Instead of watching the eager pusuits of Hartlepool thinking of what might have been, why don’t we all take pleasure in seeing a Tottenham side having their legs deteriorating in extra time with hopefully a few injuries along the way? One of the injuries being their goalkeeper Gomez. Harry Redknapp is persisting with an increasingly agitated Gomez obviously stricken with an injury. Now i’ve never seen Tottenham’s backup goalkeeper in action, but i’m sure he’s not too happy in the first place with playing second fiddle to a hilariously rubbish Gomez. The fact however, that an injured Heurelho Gomez is still more valued than himself must make the man reconsider his career options.

After a hugely unfortunate attempt at a training camp, it would be interesting to see what else could possibly go wrong. Perhaps James Beattie will have immersed himself in the culture so much, he will have decided to stay in Dubai, clinging on for dear life to the bedpost whilst Pulis and Delap try in vain to prise our new acquisition off? Perhaps Fuller will get lost in the commercial sprawl of shops Dubai has to offer, and with just a few hours remaining before the Tottenham match, there ensues a movie-like scramble to bring him back in time?

Expect that Andrew Surman signing early tommorow morning.


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