Reserves draw to Arsenal

While Arsenal’s much lauded youngsters came to the Britannia with much hype after their impressive Carling Cup run, it was Stoke’s youths who came closest to winning. We fielded a team with pretty much no experience of note, and they very much impressed. We can be thankful of a seemingly bright future if players like this are patient and stay on at the club.

This was a game where all eyes would have been on Eduardo. In the end though, he hardly made an effect on the game. There was one player of considerable quality for the opposition however who continues to astound the pundits at the embryonic age of 17, and that was Jack Wilshere. I feel he’ll make a huge impact on world footballer in a couple of years time, which of course is good for England. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if Pulis managed to pinch him under the nose of Arsene Wenger? a player we could well profit from who can apparently play anywhere across the midfield.

There was also an incident with Mark Randall getting sent off for a reckless and outright discraceful tackle on Ryan Connor and then proceeding to spit on the poor boy. I’m sure this little bastard must have an incredibly aggressive nature about him if he thinks that an injured player deserves to be spit upon. If anybody deserves a wad of saliva to be launched upon their face after the initial tackle, it would be Randall out of revenge. There is a brilliant and very true quote from that asks what Wenger would have made of Randall’s challenge. I would personally love to see him asked that question, on the basis of seeing him either forsake his footballing morals or defending one of his fragile and overprotected ‘gems’. Both quite costly answers. In any case, i strongly suspect the answer given about the incident will be:

Randall is a fantastic player. I can fully understand the unfortunate nature of mistaking the player’s leg for the ball. In fact, Ryan Connor’s legs do indeed take on a slightly bulbous shape. As for the spit, i too have suffered that same tragic case of breathing too heavily. When so much breath is passing through his throat, the pressure gets to the point that saliva naturally escapes his body through the most efficient form available. This of course is a credit to the work-rate of Randall. It was just unfortunate that the Stoke player had to stand in the way of it. I hope everybody realises that it was all just an accident.’

Who would have thought that, with the transfer window drawing ever nearer to slamming shut, i would be discussing in detail a reserve match. I hope Pulis is well on his way to signing a decent central midfielder. I have a sneaking suspicion we could get Jimmy Bullard. He has everything that our previous signings have. He’s got Premiership experience, he’s English, and he’s got great work rate. It would be quite a sensation really if we sign him, him being on the verge of an England cap and all that. If we look at what he did to Fulham last season, we would have great confidence in our ability to stay in the top flight for at least another season. If not Bullard, then surely Andrew Surman of Southampton?


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