Lawrence staying + Diao sent home from camp

Pulis has dismissed reports linking Lawrence to Derby County as complete rubbish, and quite right true. A fantastic player who has done tremendously in his years for Stoke. After putting in a huge amount of effort to get us promoted last season, why on earth would he want to try and achieve the same gruelling and probably futile task of promoting Derby? He’s such an outstanding player i’m sure will make his way back into the first team. Although it’s not likely that he’ll replace Etherington, his quality could and should be used in the centre of midfield in my opinion. We can’t leave someone like him on the bench at any cost.

Pulis also dismissed the idea of his isolation preventing transfers by reminding the media about technology nowadays.

“The search for new players certainly goes on this week, it stops for nothing, I’m on the end of a phone which the relevant people have. There is only a four-hour time difference, so being out here won’t have any detrimental effect on business we are trying to do. Being in the mountains with only a few goats for company has never stopped me trying to wheel and deal, so why should being in Dubai? The only disappointment so far has been the weather – it’s been raining heavily.”

I’m not so sure Pulis could indefinitely rule out the possibility of goats getting in the way of any transfer action. They’re loaded down in Dubai as the Kaka attempt has suggested, and have a right mind to rival any bids made. It seems a huge waste to want choose Dubai as a destination and then for it to rain heavily, the same effect could be had upon the glens of Scotland. I’m sure the players will enjoy a bit of time away from things though, theres quite a tall building there which they will enjoy seeing. I’m sure Salif Diao would have been disappointed by not seeing the interesting-from-a-birds-eye-view – World Island, which is surely taking a novelty too far? There’s also the interestingly shaped housing estate on Palm Island which the players will delight in trespassing upon. I also heard the Dubai women are nice when they’re not concealed.

Theres an interesting reserve fixture tonight. Our youthful team is taking on Arsenal, who are blessed with the inclusion of a wrathful, revenge seeking Eduardo. It will be nice to see him back, as noone deserves an injury like that, least of all a highly talented yet modest and humble one. It will also be quite amazing to see his leg actually working again after that challenge.

Another bit of news is that Norwegian side Brann Bergen are probably going to take Demar Phillips on loan. I personally don’t see much place in the team for him at the moment, if he were to really impress at this club i’m sure he may well come back with horns on his head and a right mind to stake a place in the first team. He’s not exactly a youngster, but he’s a few years younger than our current wingers. For this reason, we all wish him the best of luck over in Norway.


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