Chelsea antics frustrate Pulis

Not much news for today. Tony Pulis had launched a direct assault on Chelsea’s foreign players for inability to stand back up after being challenged. It truly is annoying and quite pathetic when players do this, what used to very much be a man’s game is being feminised by these players. Football is a fantastic sport to watch when commited challenges are being made, not so much when the game has to be stopped for a few minutes because someone seems to have a broken leg, only to be running freely afterwards.

Pulis’ comments about Michael Ballack in particular were very true. On a number occassions i saw the overrated German floundering on the pitch, clutching his ‘hurting’ appendage. In very much a World War II recreation, he couldn’t stand up to the commited nature of our English challenges.

Pulis also praised Delap for his goal, and reiterated the footballing quality of the man when it’s easy to see him as an immobile trebuchet fixed to the sideline. He seems very determined to give all he’s got this season. Although the throw ins are an extraordinary asset unequalled across the world, his footballing ability does in no way detract from his overall importance in our team.

The squad (with the exception of Higginbotham) are now in Dubai for a winter training camp. this will be a valuable experience for the team concerning our survival hopes. Hopefully they can have time to reflect on the season so far, and enjoy a bit of heat in their training sessions. I’m not sure what their absence implies regarding possible transfers, i was sure now would be a perfect time for Pulis to hammer out a few more deals. We still need another midfielder or so i feel. Perhaps Andrew Surman is already making his way to Dubai?


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