Loans Loans Loans!

So lets sum up all that’s happened to us from a transfer perspective; A strange loan bid for Andy Gray (not the commentator) was turned down, and we have shipped off some fine young talents in Soares and Dickinson to Charlton and Leeds respectively.

To start with, an initial offer was made for a mass loan involving Soares, Pericard, and Dickinson heading Charlton’s way and the solitary figure of Gray traipsing nervously up to the gates of the Britannia. It’s true that Charlton need something drastically to turn their season around, but with all respects, the sight of Vincent Pericard striding eagerly towards Charlton wouldn’t instill much confidence at all. For the meantime, we will have to use him to bargain for someone else.

With the agreed loans however, we can have  more reasons to watch any game involving Charlton or Leeds if we didn’t already desire to. Hopefully the two of them can earn some valuable experience, and come back with new confidence that can hopefully help them break into the first team.

It is quite true that both probably wouldn’t be getting much of a look in for much of the remaining duration of the season, now is the time for old experienced heads to keep us up. Perhaps if we stay up, we can start to combine their youthful enthusiasm with the kind of organisation and stability which experience brings to the table. If we manage to survive in the premier league, i would like our squad to gradually increase in quality each season, a bit like what Sunderland did until they started becoming rubbish. Youngsters like Soares and Dickinson will probably make up the spine of our future team.

We have Chelsea away on Saturday, a game would be well up for. Whilst we can beat anyone who stands in our way, we can also manage to lose to the poorest of teams. What really matters is how we play and how much ambition we have. With James Beattie making his debut, there could be a new feel good factor within the team. More on that game tommorow.


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