Beattie officially signs!

After a smidgeon of doubt, Beattie is ours for a fee that could rise to 3.5 million. I don’t know why they don’t just tell us the initial fee, therefore we can fully judge how good a signing it is. Imagine buying a newspaper for a fee that could rise to £1.50! the kind of confusion ensuing would be mind boggling.
As i mentioned before though this signing makes perfect sense. A consistent striker with premiership experience. Never mind his terrible time at Everton, he obviously much prefers to wear red and white stripes on his shirts, and refuses to score otherwise.

Another experienced Englishman is essential for a club like us because he will already possess leadership qualities. With such a large overall selection of strikers, it will only be beneficial not only for the squad, but for the strikers involved. When someone else nicks your spot, you’re likely to be a bit cheesed off and it therefore contributes to increased determination and work rate to want to win it back.

Pulis said: “James is a player who has an absolutely phenomenal goal scoring record and I am delighted to have him here. He has averaged more than a goal every other game for Sheffield, and he has a proven record of scoring in the top flight. He is someone I have admired for a very, very long time.We have signed two fantastic players in Matthew Etherington and James Beattie, but we are still looking for two or three more before the closure of the window.”

To be honest, i think there’s not many areas on the pitch left that need strengthening. I feel our defence has been superb, we have several industrious midfielders, and now a large quota of powerful attackers. Maybe what we’re lacking is in the creativity sector. Most of our chances this season has come from direct balls strongly contested, creating defensive unrest. Perhaps if we could mix things up a bit with a range of passing and a bit more confidence on the ball we could have more chances created and thus more goals. This is not such a glaring weakness in our team however as our performances this season suggest. If we were to want to mix our play up a bit, it might have a devastating effect on our season. Look at how West Brom are doing with their version of total football. The fact is, to survive our first season we need fighters. Changing our style of play will take a couple of seasons. A worthwile addition to the squad therefore would be a few young midfielders noted for their creative genius. This way, they can learn all the advantages of being strong and physical, whilst also have the technical capabilities of mixing the play up a bit. The result would be a gradual change which i feel would have the desired effect.

In other news, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to steal the world player of the year award. I wonder if the judges actually realised that it was in fact ‘of the year’ and not ‘of last season’ because this season he’s been absolutely shocking. It seems he’s been watching his own youtube videos and thinking; ‘i could improve the standard of these’ the result being that he’s taking every opportunity on the ball to practise a trick he managed to pull off yesterday in his back garden… and failing miserably.

I suppose one thing in his favour is that he’s an extremely brave man. The way he gets his legs constantly broken during matches, only to shake it off and soldier on is admirable.


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