Beattie doubt + Sidibe is bored

Some doubt has emerged over the seemingly imminent transfer of James Beattie. Tony Pulis claiming “I shall do my business with the football clubs I deal with and not through the media. That’s the best way of doing business.” Damn right too. I don’t really see much doubt about the transfer however as he’s doing nothing to rule it out. Perhaps he has other targets lined up? He might be trying to tease good value out of the likes of Harewood and Dindane first. I personally don’t mind who we sign out of that selection, they all have their advantages.

In the same interview, Pulis voiced his appreciation over the Matthew Etherington signing and how Saturday provided a preview of his quality. He also stated that he needed some work on his fitness. I’m not sure why he would need to get fitter, as he was already a regular for West Ham. Perhaps we have higher standards? On the basis of Lucas Neill’s stomach this could well be the case. It’s always great to have a hard working winger to both help out the full back and proceed to be dangerous in going forward, a fitter Etherington would therefore be an obvious advantage. I expect that if James Beattie were to arrive, he would undergo much the same treatment which i feel would really benefit the player. Beattie does seem to be a tad overweight right now and this would have a negative effect on his work rate. (It may well be the case however; that the body mass is merely pure manly brawn) One of the primary attributes required for our team is work rate. For all Dave Kitson’s shortcomings this season,  at least he puts in a good shift and gives no rest for the opposing defenders by his chasing down. The perfect player would need this asset, whilst also possessing a large amount of skill which would put him above any of the strikers we have at the moment.

Assistant manager Dave Kemp spoke of the game against Liverpool. Telling of how we could have won a famous victory. It is very true that we could have done, we had a number of great chances to do so, 1 goal is all it would have taken thanks to a superb defence that day. Likewise with Tony Pulis, Dave Kemp refused to speak of the Beattie transfer, I sense a conspiracy.

And finally, Sidibe has spoken of how much he’s hating having to watch our games instead of being out there himself. I’m sure he likewise would have had his head in his hands after Dave Kitson’s quite shocking miss. We really could have used his domineering presence to ruffle a few more of Liverpool’s feathers, Creswell for me didn’t impose himself as much as he could have done. It’s a much safer out-ball to knock it long in the striker’s direction. When you have such a player as Sidibe who competes for every ball, it gives every more incentive to do so. Against Liverpool, we tried to pass the ball out too much which sometimes left us in a bit of a muddle.

Not much news besides that really. Our opponents for next weekend lost 3-0 to Man Utd. I’m really not sure if this is a good thing or not. Either Chelsea will be low on confidence and we can compound their misery, or they’ll now be looking for an immediate response. The least we can do is play like we did against Liverpool and we’ll be fine.


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