Stoke 0-0 Liverpool

What a performance from the lads! A stubborn, rigid, incompliant showing from a significantly weakened side. Despite the majority of possession going Liverpool’s way, we were the ones who most troubled the opposition goal. Liverpool were very much reduced to half chances thanks to a determined and solid defensive display.

Not even the ‘talismanic’ Steven Gerrard with all his outstanding initiative and drive could force the ball into our net. Not even the lethal predator Fernando Torres could impose himself and capture a win for his team.

 We saw a clear indication of Matthew Etherington’s talents having deservedly picked up the man of the match award. What a brilliant influence he seemed to have. Calming the build up down when no obvious gain can be had, then proceeding to drive the attack on with his direct approach. I hope today built his confidence up, so that in more winnable games he can provide that touch of class we need.

We could well have won this game. Delap early on had a superb chance to put us in the lead, foiled only by the cursed (although later- blessed) woodwork. Then Kitson displayed how agonisingly low on confidence he is by hitting the side netting after being too indecisively deliberate in finishing off a gift from Reina.  Whelan came so close to hitting the top corner in a free kick just outside the box.

Another positive to take out of this game perhaps is that Delap seems to be hurling them like a madman again. It took a while to warm up, but once those arms were moving freely he really let fly, like a trebuchet. Considering a few of our goals have come from this resource it does give us a large boost.

This draw lifts us out of the relegation zone, and it could stay that way if Wigan beat Tottenham. Lets hope Zaki and co can give Harry Houdini the same fate that Houdini suffered himself.

Diego Maradona decided to pop along to soak in some sexy football.


and obviously didnt get what he came for, got bored, and decided to binge again…


the swelling will go down soon enough.


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