It’s Official!

Matthew Etherington has signed a 3 and a half year deal with Stoke City for a fee of 2 million. I mean- what a signing! And how at home he seems to look against that glorious jersey!etho

Like an extra from The Godfather (alongside Berbatov of course) he seems to radiate an air of smug confidence. Seeming to be safe in the knowledge of his own experience in causing defenders a great deal of bother. That experience can only contribute immensely to the expansion of his footballing brain, a quality which can benefit greatly the way we play and therefore help our cause for the season.

In his first interview he echoed that confidence in his own ability, stating,  “Hopefully I can bring something going forward, make goals for the strikers and pop up with a few myself,”  and,  “I like to run with the ball and take on the full-back so that’s what the supporters will see me do.” It is always impressive and exciting seeing a winger having the ability to be able to carve open the channels as a means of penetrating a defence. I feel this will give us something different for us to work through. Also, having a habit for sending dangerous and inviting crosses into the box, i can only imagine Fuller and Sidibe rubbing their hands together in eager anticipation.

He looks likely to be thrust straight into the action at home to league leaders liverpool, an excitable proposition for most fans i’m sure. We have shown we have nothing to fear against the so-called and so-overrated big four.  having picked up points against Arsenal and Liverpool, and given Man Utd a scare which they were incredibly lucky to get away from. The fact that we are at home will give us that extra boost. Huge flaws seemed to be exposed for hyped up opposing individuals coming to the Britannia. (just look at Ronaldo’s pathetically abominable showing a few weeks ago) Liverpool have been pretty inconsistent this season despite being perched on top of the table. I am of the opinion that we have a good chance of picking up points if we inspire the lads into another of those impressive, no fear, in your face, no room for the weak performances that left Arsenal in a spot of bother. A more in depth assessment of out chances will be provided tommorow.

In other news, Ritchie De Laet has been signed by Manchester United. To be honest i don’t know what to make of this one. He didn’t seem like making an appearance for us anytime soon. The fact therefore that arguably the best team in the world has decided to buy him is confusing. I don’t for the life of me know how far they intent him to go with them. Though, when we see him scoring the winning goal in the 2012 champions league final we can have the enviable opportunity of claiming to have discovered him first (we win! in the most minor way possible)  A remark instantly rebuked however by anyone knowledgeable about captain Ryan Shawcross’ origins.

Amidst much enthusiasm about the signing of Matty Etherdog (call him what you like… he’s ours after all) is the announcement that Mamady Sidibe has won our player of the year award for 2008. I would not disagree with this. He has been a fighter ever since he joined us. His strong, uncomprimising attacking play seems to create gaps in the opposing defence, leaving the likes of Fuller and Lawrence to take full advantage of. He is a highly important player and we can see the lack of his presence thorugh injury now. Such a fearless individual should rightly be awarded.

Finally, having a look through Lawro’s predictions on BBC football confirms what a biased and clearly ignorant twat he is. Because, in all the times i have decided to check out what i so wrongly used to think was a revered pundit’s view on the match, i have not once seen him predict us to win a game. ‘An easy win,’  he claims. Well; what i’d give to see him confidently striding into our final third thinking what an easy outing he’s having. How i’d then delight in watching Abdoulaye ‘the panther’ Faye emerge and unleash the full force of the South American jungle onto Lawrenson’s feeble orange frame. Then to hear him utter in his already frail voice, ‘it’s not as easy as it first looked!’

We can always dream.



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