I happened to come across an article on the Stoke official site claiming to be the initial bearer of any news involving any potential transfers. It was with some surprise therefore that i chanced upon a headline from BBC football detailing Etheringon’s impending move to the Britannia stadium. Mixed with this initial astonishment was an overwhelming sense of joyous acknowledgement of this quite sensible and shrewd acquisition.

I remember watching him playing for West Ham at the short period at the beginning of the season where they seemed to be playing with flair and flamboyance. In one particular match, the sight of him terrorising the quite fragile opposing right back confirmed for me the fact that he is a technically superb, and often underrated player. (a word not frequently applied to Englishmen… just look at Rooney) 

What with West Ham’s much spoken about financial situation, it makes sense to take advantage of the cascade of players seemingly rolling down from Upton Park. In Tony Pulis’  case, directing him towards Stoke for a reported region of around 2 million is another stroke of genius and will help the cause considerably.

We were obviously in need of someone with width, that someone who can offer us something else down that left hand side. He is also an intelligent player who understands the benefits of getting the ball down and passing, and hopefully he can influence others to do likewise. A combination of directness and patience will surely put us at more of an advantage towards the humble task of staying clear of that awful relegation zone.

It would be interesting to ponder the probable first team line up with the inclusion of Etherington and everyone back from injury (all 72 of them)  the way i see it, we would have a seriously formidable team. A well organised and drilled defence, a possible midfield of Etherington, Faye, Lawrence, and Delap, and the hulking great duo of Fuller and Sidibe to lead the line. If that’s not enough to keep us afloat i’m not sure what is. (Messi wold perhaps give us that extra boost, of course only until he gets his long throw ins sorted out)

Abdoulaye Faye (the slightly scarier looking one) is able to play this weekend’s game against Liverpool, a welcome bit of news. If theres anything that can unnerve Fernando Torres in the act of bearing down and goal and generally looking dangerous, to force him to squat down in the brace position (a much practised move for young girls playing cricket) then it is in the knowledge that a panther-bloke is bearing down upon him. 

No other news concerning Stoke then. Expect the Messi transfer to be made official tommorow morning. I shall leave you with a joke:

Where did Tony Pulis put his son?

on De-lap!

if theres a more pathetic joke than this then i’d like to hear it, merely to comfort me.


One Response to “Etheringt-on?”

  1. I*T*P*L* Says:

    Just checking out your blog following your reply on mine, nice article this, I was wondering myself wha our midfield line up will be now.

    I stuck a link to your site on mine, keep up the good work.

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